October 4, 2023

The journey from being a Hotel Operational Trainee to carving a niche as a renowned Corporate Chef has been no cakewalk for Chef Nishant Choubey. However, his zeal to learn more has helped him prosper with each passing day.

“Always be positive and never say no. Your attitude is the key to success. So, always have an optimistic attitude, but at the same time, never be happy of your own creation because there is always a scope of improvement,” firmly believes Corporate Chef and Entrepreneur, Nishant Choubey.

A true learner at heart and an optimist to its core, Choubey is seen to be a source of inspiration for aspiring corporate chefs across the globe, and the credit certainly goes his indomitable spirit to succeed.

“I have always taken life as it goes. When I was young, I wanted to be an Engineer but eventually, I became a chef and I have absolutely no regrets about it. I am a passionate chef and this profession has helped my rediscover myself and upskill myself both personally as well as professionally,” smiles Choubey.

He started his humble beginnings in this industry by pursuing his graduation in Hotel Management and ever since then, there has been no turning back.

Fast forward to the present-day scenario, Nishant has a proficient expertise of over two decades and is reckoned to be a sought-after corporate chef in this industry.

He presently dons an array of hats professionally, which includes that of a Corporate Chef at Seinan Tokyo, Consulting Chef at Indus Bankok (Michelin plated restaurant), Co-Founder of Street Storyss Bangalore, and the Consulting Food Trainer for Isprava Villas.

In an exclusive interview with Nishant, we explore more about his trailblazing journey as a Corporate Chef. Read further to know more!

Tell us about your journey as a Corporate Chef?

From hotel operational trainee to a corporate chef, the journey and hunger to learn and grow is still not complete , I started my career with taj as HOT and then moved to oberois hotels – rajvilas and trident worked for another 2 years and then moved to Madinat Jumeirah dubai and was part of pre-opening team for Madinat Jumeirah ,I worked there for 3 years before joining olive bar and kitchen , at olive I worked with olive bar and kitchen , olive beach , AI , lap and contributed for 4 years , post that I joined Roseate hotels as Executive sous chef and got promoted as corporate chef , I spent 8 years at Roseate which was formerly called as Dusit Devarana , presently I am corporate chef with Seinan group Tokyo and we have 4 restaurants in our company . we have recently opened clove Vancouver and Tokyo Mithaiwala.

Is this something that you always wanted to do? If not, what were your plans?

Actually, I took the life as it goes. I wanted to be an Engineer but eventually became a chef, having said that I have no regrets since I am happy on what I have achieved till now because gradually I rediscovered myself, as a passionate Chef.

What is your favourite part about being a Corporate Chef?

I think the post demands of better responsibilities and positive attitude. The accountability is more be it costs or profits. You actually play the role of an entrepreneur once you achieve those levels. The role demands of full control on profit and losses. The best part about my role is I can still cook and till my last day also I will keep cooking and ensure that my guests go back happy.

What are some of your go-to recipes?

ü  Thai corn cake

ü  Beetroot muraba croquettes

ü  Cold spinach salad

ü  Wine mushroom salad with mirin and sake

ü  Lobster biryani

ü  It’s all about pumpkin

ü  Ghee roast jackfruit cutlets

ü  Beer battered fish with pickled gooseberry

ü  Apple filo pie with guava ice cream

What has been your most experimental recipe so far?  

I think it should be the wild Mushroom salad with sake and mirin. The entire process takes 12 hours to make and it’s for customers who look for exotic dining and also for mushroom lovers. 

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