October 4, 2023

Life is all about following your heart and doing the things that make you happy! And that’s what defines the trailblazing journey of Sonali Chatterji, a professional interior designer who eventually ventured into cooking to follow her passion of being a chef!

Ever since childhood, Sonali had a keen interest in cooking and as she grew up, her love for cooking only grew fonder. While her love for architecture and design continued to go on in parallel, it was only later that she realized that cooking ‘food for soul’ was what made her feel the happiest. And ever since then, there has been no turning back.

The Owner of The Cuisine Exotique, Sonali took up cooking as her profession six years ago and needless to say, she has been cooking relishing dishes ever since then. She has served not only for small gatherings but also for corporate events and large gatherings of up to 700 people.

For all this while, her success mantra has been all about innovating and using as many ingredients as possible, from the rarest gems to the ones which are usually discarded.

In an exclusive interview with Sonali, we discover more about her journey from an interior designer to a corporate chef, some of her go-to recipes, her piece of advice for the aspiring chefs, and a lot more!

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your journey as a Corporate Chef?

My story has always been a profession driven by passion. When I started my career as an Interior designer, it was my passion for the subject and gathered the degree only because of my love for architecture and design. Same happened when I realized that I loved cooking and I could see happy souls after relishing all that I cooked, be it any cuisines. Plating and presentation came naturally.

Have served all kinds of meals from breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea, dinner and cocktails too. From 15 people house party to 700 people corporate events are up my sleeve. Have done many pop ups independently and for different restaurants and hotels.

Is this something that you always wanted to do? If not, what were your plans?
 I planned to be an architect specializing in temple architecture.

What is your favourite part about being a Corporate Chef?
Love to innovate and use as many ingredients as possible, from the rarest to the ones which are usually discarded.

What are some of your go-to recipes?
Bhetki Paturi, Shukto, Prawn Malay curry

What has been your most experimental recipe so far?
Pasta Not Pasta (Masterchef Australia dish, Gajar halwa Crème brule’, Mutton keema stuffed karela.

What is your message for all the aspiring chefs out there?
Keep innovating, but first know the basics extremely well.

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